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About Jen

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This soul's life has taken me on a journey through many divine gifts and major lessons.  Early on in this lifetime, I started building very strong limited beliefs and thinking.  By my mid-teens, this had grown into several forms of anxiety which then grew year over year of me thinking it was "just normal" and "what everyone experiences".  Boy was I wrong.    During this same time through my twenties and into my thirties, I was building a strong career.  From an early age, I also was raised that you "Suck it up" and "grit it out" so sharing anything I was feeling inside was really not an option.  Or, at least not one that was worth exploring.  So, day over day, year over year, I kept moving forward and stuffing everything I was feeling inside. 

In my mid-thirties, everything came to a screeching halt as I was diagnosed with cancer.  And, perhaps the BEST thing that could have ever happened in my life.  YES, I said one of the best!

The pivots, mind shifts, rebuilding my marriage, finding my true voice and desires, and healing I have done in the past almost nine years since that cancer diagnosis has been truly life-changing. 

I believe in a holistic approach to healing and when it came to healing and learning about anxiety, depression, emotional release, etc.  I knew for me, medication was not the answer.  Emotional, cellular, ancestral, and past life healing have been integral in my journey. 

Knowing the impact these have had on me coupled with the decades of people knowledge and experience I had; I knew it was a route I wanted to lean into and start practicing to pay it forward to others.  In the time since; I've unlocked so many gifts I was keeping dormant for so long as a healer and energy practitioner.  It's been such a beautiful awareness. 

I am by nature intuitive with a strong vision, energy, and an open channel that guides me in every healing session. 

Jen's Healing experience and education:

  • 22 years of learning, guiding, mentoring, and coaching people.  There is such a deep understanding you can gain in how people think and work by watching, interacting, and truly listening

  • ThetaHealing Practitioner Basics

  • ThetaHealing Practitioner Advanced Course

  • Unblocking and balancing the chakras

  • Usui Reiki Level II

  • Quantum Reiki Level II

  • Cognitive Behavioral Coach



To help people heal the wounds of this lifetime, past lifetimes, and ancestry so they can live a more happy, vibrant, joyful life!


See the gifts in other people and hold space for them until they see the gifts in themselves!

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