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Intuitive Energy Healing to move past the wounds of the past and embrace a loving, thriving life

What is Energy Healing?

 Energy Healing is a complementary alternative healing practice based on the belief that life energy flows through each of us. 

Science supports that everything including us is always vibrating.  When that vibrational energy gets impacted it, in turn, impacts our physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual being.


Everything has some type of ripple effect that impacts something else!

The goal during a healing session is to balance the energy flow in turn having a ripple effect initiating the natural healing process. 

Intuitive Energy Healing

Throughout life and beyond, we encounter many things that can start dragging us down, causing health concerns, fatigue, anxiety, etc. 

The daily stressors, fear, self-doubt, negative beliefs only add to this.

After some initial questions; I visit your chakra and meridian energies to identify potential blocks and bring Life Force energy to those areas.  

Areas that often present to me during a session can include:

         - Visions of your younger self wanting to release a specific emotion
         - Ancestral lines (Maternal or Paternal)
         - Physical aliments in your present vessel
         - Energies that have moved on from this lifetime
         - Past life experiences

I will share what becomes present in your session based on your personal preference.  

This session will leave you feeling refreshed, lighter, calm, and renewed awareness.

From another client's perspective...

"Jennifer is an incredibly powerful individual. Each time I head into a session with her it feels like I’m carrying lifetimes of emotional/energetic baggage. She helps me sift and sort through what is present so that I am able to step into my own alignment. What sets Jennifer apart from the rest is how I can physically feel the energy shifts happening in my body as she is transmuting my pain into energies that serve my highest good. There are moments when I feel pain, soreness, heaviness and as she works with the energy I can feel the density being lifted. Darkness turning to light. Weight literally being pulled off of my shoulders. Working with her each week is the equivalent of someone offering you an oxygen tank when you’ve been swimming through the ocean of life struggling to breathe for far too long. I walk away from each and every session feeling completely rejuvenated, empowered and full of life."

-Shannon R


The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy.  Accepting of all beliefs and religions.   ThetaHealing is a training method for your mind, body, and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts and allow you to move forward more free of the things that hold you back in life.   

Your ThetaHealing session can include:

    Clearing Limiting beliefs
    How to feel and create positive empowering feelings
    Reading and Healing ailments
    Future Readings
    Healing broken past life souls
    Connect with someone who has passed or ancestors

Going into a ThetaHealing session, You have the opportunity to share what areas you would like to focus on.   I guide our session based on what is important to you in the present moment.

From another client's perspective...

"Jennifer is the real deal. Her energetic work truly makes you feel amazing. I started our session so down and by the time we were done my energy did a 180 and I feel amazing. Thank you so very much for this healing Jennifer."

-Bonnie R

Remote Reiki Treatment

Energy is within and through all of us and all things around us.  When our energy is disturbed, it can cause any host of aliments from general fatigue to other pain or dis-ease.  

Energy healing has been around for centuries and works on the understanding that there is vital/life force energy around all of us.  

During this session, I as the practitioner channel life force energy to.  

Benefits of Energy Healing may include but are not limited to:

Restoring balance mind-body-spirit
Relieves tension
Break down energy blocks
Cleanse toxins and support the immune system
May help with pain relief
Repair cells
Improve focus
Improve sleep
Emotional Cleansing
Promote self-healing

From another client's perspective...

"I am pleased to be able to do energy work with Jen Zahari. It has not only been very helpful physically for my body that is aging but had been wonderful on an emotional side as well. Jen is such a great person and has personalized all my sessions. I look forward to all the work we are doing and would strongly recommend it to everyone!"

Adie Z.

Reported benefits of energy healing


Energy work helps heal by healing the imbalances.  Where there are imbalances in our body or (mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually), imbalances in other areas will often become present in the form of physical ailments.


There are a number of things that can impact fatigue from the foods we eat to the water we drink to stress levels and more.  Energy work is one component that may help stimulate the bodies natural processes to heal chronic fatigue.  


Energy work stimulates the bodies natural healing and encourages the natural detoxification processes.

Overall health and wellbeing

Energy work, ancestral healing, etc. are one aspect of a positive healthy living plan.  For the best results for yourself and your wellness.  Assess all areas of wellness to help get to a thriving life!

Weight Loss

When we are more relaxed, digestion may be improved and energy levels may be increased further supporting positive weight management. 


During an energy healing the bodies cortisol levels lower which reduces tension and further allows the bodies natural healing to take place. 

Your Health Starts Here

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**Natural or Intuitive Energy Work is not a replacement for other medical practices.

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